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Waist training is the gradual process of waist size reduction using the Zeta Curves elastic cincher. Combining the use of these special cinchers with exercise and a healthy diet can drastically reduce the size of your waist, giving you directly a beautiful, sexy silhouette while getting rid of unwanted fat around the waist once and for all!
Waist training as a means of permanent reduction and reshaping of your waist, is a practice that requires discipline and is best achieved when the following rules apply:

#1 Order now the appropriate waist trainer
#2 Put it on for at least four hours daily
#3 Follow steps 1 & 2!

It really is that simple! Just wear the Zeta Curves waist trainer!


The elastic Zeta Curves waist trainer is a garment similar to a corset, but not so extreme and harmful as a classic corset. Classical corsets are usually tied with laces in the front or back, and diminish body movement. The elastic Zeta Curves waist trainers can be worn over or under clothing and they are made of latex, lycra and flexible steel bones. Their special and advanced fabric, allows them to stretch both vertically and horizontally, following the movement of the body.

ATTENTION! The elastic Zeta Curves waist trainer is not a classic corset! It doesn't move or permanently change the internal organs or ribs in any way, as classic corsets do.


The elastic Zeta Curves waist trainer sculpts and reshapes the fat tissue in the core area, giving a smooth and visible hourglass figure. The internal support with latex material maximize sweating and fat burning. Toxins are purged from the body through perspiration, giving to the skin a more soft and smooth texture.

Another important function served by the Zeta Curves waist trainer is the proper body posture. The posture is one of the main causes of back pain. Our elastic waist trainers do an excellent job at keeping your back and shoulders straight, while relieving from pain at the lower back.

If you exercise but the changes in your weight are small, then the problem may be your diet. Smaller meals are metabolized more easily and "burn" faster. The Zeta Curves waist trainers by slightly compressing the stomach and waist, encourage you to eat smaller and more often portions and feel full during the day. After only a few weeks of use, you will notice that your stomach remains tight and nice even when you are not wearing it.


The first time you wear the Zeta Curves waist trainer you will need a little extra effort! You should start closing it from bottom to top, in the first row of metal clips. It should fit tight to your body. After the first few days of wearing, it will take its form , according to the body shape, and thus the installation will be easier, while, because of its design will maintain its elasticity and firmness.

If you have just started the waist training journey, we recommend you wear it 2-4 hours a day and gradually increase the hours until you feel comfortable to wear throughout the day. When you feel that the trainer is put very easily then you adjust it to tighter level so it can be tighter to your body. When you feel that even in the narrowest row of clips it is comfortable then you can proceed to the next smaller size!


After 30 days of use you will notice a significant difference in the waist and abdomen! The waist is getting thinner giving you the desirable hourglass figure. In this period of time many customers have dropped 2-3 sizes on their clothes.


* The waist trainer should be sufficiently tight without obstructing breathing or causing any pain
* The edges should not roll up or down (this is an indication that the cincher is very small)
* It must close properly without bumps formed on the front
* The initial application might make you feel uncomfortable until you get used to it. For this reason, we gradually increase the time of application


If you plan to seriously deal with the waist training process it is very important to take care of your cincher! Over time, it goes under strict pressure and wear conditions but with a few simple precautions you can extend its life without losing its elasticity and firmness.

1. Cleaning. Hand wash with cold water and a mild detergent. Do not let it soak for a long time. Never put the cincher in the dryer! Leave it to dry on a flat surface, not hanging in the sun.

2. Ventilate your cincher at the end of the day. Allow it to dry by turning the lining on the upper side and place it on the back of a chair. Never leave it on or near a heat source, because over time it will cause shrinkage and possible damage to the seams.

3. It is good to have two corsets that one function alternates. If you use one at the gym, the second is necessary for using following as the former will need time to dry due to sweating.

So, if you just want to reduce your waistline in a short time, or you are planning to start a gradual and systematic waist training then the only garment that can really give you the results from the first day are the Zeta Curves waist trainers. Remember, for long lasting and permanent waist fat reduction, the waist trainer should be used along with a healthy diet and moderate, regular exercise.

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