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Zeta Petite Waist Trainer BLACK

35,00 €
Zeta Curves waist trainer mauro κορσες κορσεδες ζωνη μεσης korses
Zeta Curves waist trainer mauro κορσες κορσεδες ζωνη μεσης korses

Zeta Petite Waist Trainer BLACK

Availability: In Stock

35,00 €
The Zeta Petite Waist Trainer is shorter, ideal for the petite silhouettes!

Availability: In Stock

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The short waist trainer from Zeta Curves (Short Torso) offers the same stunning curves creation that you expect from our other waist trainers, but it is shorter in height.

If you’re a woman on the shorter side, or with a short torso, one of the challenges with waist training is that many of the standard size garments are just too long for your figure. The Short Torso waist trainer from Zeta Curves was designed with the petite woman in mind. It is cut shorter so that it is more comfortable for the petite figure. It is also a great option if you aren’t petite but just want to get that extra slimming and compression right around the waistline.

Like the regular Latex Waist Trainer, the Short Torso is constructed with maximum compression latex fabric and reinforced with flexible steel boning. This ensures maximum effectiveness as well as comfort and flexibility for your workouts. It has three rows of hook-and-eye closures for easy fastening and the capability to size down with you as your drop inches from your waistline. This is the perfect supplement for any healthy lifestyle routine, whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply want to intensify your workouts and create an hourglass shape.

You can wear it at the gym, or under any of your daily outfits. It stays in place all day!


* Ideal for waist training

* Reduction 2.5-10cm in 30 days

* Increasing the thermal activity and mobilization of fat cells

* Stimulates sweating

* Immediate and visible reduction of waistline

* It accelerates weight loss through compression and perspiration

* Discreet under most clothes

* It provides 3 adjustable levels of compression

* Improves posture



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