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Waist Trainer Blue

35,00 €
Zeta Curves waist trainer ble κορσες κορσεδες ζωνη μεσης korses
Zeta Curves waist trainer ble κορσες κορσεδες ζωνη μεσης korses
Zeta Curves waist trainer ble κορσες κορσεδες ζωνη μεσης korses
Zeta Curves waist trainer ble κορσες κορσεδες ζωνη μεσης korses

Waist Trainer Blue

Availability: In Stock

35,00 €
#1 seller...The best selling product for waist training!

Availability: In Stock

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The authentic, # 1 in sales Zeta Curves Waist Trainer, instantly delivers an elegant silhouette and a thinner waist.

This high compression garment dramatically sculpts your core giving you the most desired shape, the hourglass shape. Love handles are smoothed, the contour of your silhouette becomes sleek, with no bulges and bumps, making the silhouette instantly appear up to 2 sizes thinner. It’s impossible not to fall in love with it!

Its core is made of high-compression Latex, and is lined with soft cotton fabric to be skin-friendly without causing unpleasant odors. Nine (9) flexible metal bones maintain the shape of the garment, provide support and improve posture while allowing you to move, bend or exercise.

You can use this waist trainer whether you want to look more elegant in your fabulous outfits, or because you are trying to permanently lose stubborn fat around your core.

Wear it daily under your clothes or at the gym. It will maximize the results of each workout! With the firm compression around the core and sweat enhancing, it stimulates thermal activity and mobilizes fat cells. This means you will sweat more with less effort during walks, running, exercising and other physical activities. Want serious results? Use it 8 hours daily and see your waist line decrease up to 10cm in a month.

It has 3 rows of clips to adjust the level of compression or to narrow it down as the waist gets thinner.


Immediate and noticeable slimming of waist line

Sculpts waist and love handles, flattens belly

Increase in thermal activity & mobilization of fat cells

4-10cm reduction in 30 days

Improves body posture

It works as a weight loss aid


High Compression Latex

3 levels of metal clips for adjustable compression

9 steel elastic bones

Cotton lining that absorbs moisture

• Discreet under most clothes

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Zeta Curves offers you the most affordable and high quality latex waist trainers!



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