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Intensive Slimming Thermo-Gel 150ml 5.07oz

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Triple action slimming, thermo-active gel, with a unique combination of four plant extracts (Ivy, Fucus, Ruscus and Guarana). Ιt provides multiple action, resulting in protection against free radicals, improvement οf the blood circulation, topical fat reduction and prevention of fluid retention.

USE: Apply the product, gradually so that it is tolerable for your skin, with circular strokes to clean skin and leave it on to act. The hyperaemia caused lasts for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, the intense redness gradually subsides while the result is immediate.

It is not recommended for spider veins or other vascular problems.

This triple action slimming thermo-gel aims to reduce topical fat, treat fluid retention, and improve blood circulation in problematic areas. With a unique combination of four plant extracts (Ivy, Seaweed, Ruscus and Guarana) is an intensive treatment against the appearance of "orange peel" and local fat accumulation.

Combined with the daily use of your favorite waist trainer and the thermal action of the gel, you lose inches around the core, while contouring your curves and sculpting the body to a thinner hourglass silhouette. The result is immediate!


* Slims and sculpts waist and hips

* Smoothes the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite

* Stimulates micro-circulation

* Restores the appearance and elasticity of the skin


* Apply the gel in a circular motion, gradually in small amounts so that it is tolerable for the skin, throughout the core (stomach, abdomen and love handles). The induced hyperemia lasts approximately 30 minutes. Then the intense redness gradually subsides.

* Wash your hands thoroughly after application.

* Wrap the area where you applied the gel with a transparent wrap film and then wear the waist trainer. If you do not put a wrap film make sure the gel is absorbed before wearing the waist trainer.

* Keep it for an hour and then rinse the area.

* To maximize the results, continue with the application of the Fat Bye cream from the Zeta Body series.

* Repeat the procedure daily or at least day by day until you reach the desired result.

Not recommended for skins with spider veins and other vascular problems.

The result may vary from person to person.



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